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Stoneware Capital LLP

Stoneware Capital LLP was established in 2006 as an independent investment manager, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

The Stoneware group has developed a wide network and experience in advising Professional Clients in investment-related matters:

  • Establishing and managing funds in a variety of jurisdictions
  • Managing or advising a diverse range of asset classes and investment strategies
  • Raising assets for third-party funds
  • Broking illiquid assets
  • Publishing investment research on asset allocation
  • Improving investment governance
  • Offering strategic advice to corporations or helping them to raise money

Our aims

We endeavour to apply the highest standards of ethics and governance across our businesses, including the implementation of best practice to help our partners and clients.

In early 2020, we established an affiliated company, Stoneware Consultants Ltd, which will build on our experience as an expert witness, undertake consultancy work and fulfil bespoke training mandates under the Stoneware Academy brand.

Stoneware Consultants Ltd can draw on the support of more than 30 Associates who are or have been leaders across the investment profession.

Stoneware Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and appears on the FCA register under no. 451073. The investment products and services of Stoneware Capital LLP are only available to professional clients and eligible counterparties. They are not available to retail (investment) clients. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance. Investment in one of our products carries risks which are more fully described in the respective offering document.

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