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Summary of Investment Risks

An investment in any fund or portfolio managed or advised by Stoneware Capital LLP (together, "the Funds") entails substantial risks, including, but not limited to, those listed below. It should not be assumed that investments will be profitable. Investors are reminded that past performance should not be seen as an indication of future performance and that they might not get back the amount that they originally invested.

The following is a brief summary of only some of the risk factors which may apply:  Investment and Trading Risks in General:  the Funds' capital may be lost in its entirety. The Funds' investment program will utilize investment techniques such as leverage, options and other derivatives, practices which can, in certain circumstances, maximize the adverse impact to which the Funds may be subject. Futures:  Futures prices are highly volatile and this may lead to substantial risks and returns. A relatively small price movement in a futures contract may result in immediate and substantial gains or losses for the Funds. Futures trading at times may be illiquid. Due to regulatory requirements, the Funds may be unable to take futures positions in particular futures or may be forced to liquidate positions in particular futures. Stock Index Options:  The Funds may purchase and sell call and put options on stock indices listed on securities exchanges or traded in the over-the-counter market. Successful use by the Funds of options on stock indices will be subject to the Investment Manager's ability to correctly predict price movements in the direction of the stock market generally or of particular industries or market segments. Short Sales:  The Funds will engage in "short sale" transactions. In a generally rising market, the Funds' short positions may be more likely to result in losses because the environment would be more conducive for the securities sold short to increase in value. A short sale involves the theoretically unlimited risk of an increase in the market price of the securities sold short. Leverage:  The Funds expect to use significant "leverage", or borrowing and will pledge their assets to financial institutions to achieve this. Borrowing will tend to magnify the profits or losses of the Funds and subject the Funds to a "margin call," pursuant to which the Funds must either deposit additional funds with the broker, or suffer mandatory liquidation of the pledged securities to compensate for the decline in value. In the event of a sudden precipitous drop in the value of the Funds' assets, the Funds might not be able to liquidate assets quickly enough to pay off its margin debt. Hedging Transactions:  The Funds may utilize options and swaps for hedging purposes or as part of its trading strategies. Hedging transactions may limit the opportunity for gain; also the Funds may not be able to achieve the intended hedge and protect its assets against declines in the value. Currency Hedging:  the value of unhedged assets of the Funds will fluctuate with exchange rates as well as with price changes of the Funds' investments in the various local markets and currencies. Forward Currency Contracts:  The Funds may enter into forward currency contracts, swaps or other forms of derivative instruments for purposes of hedging currency exposure. Forward currency contracts, swaps and other derivatives are subject to the risk of non-performance by the counterparty. Forward currency contracts, swaps and other derivatives are not guaranteed by an exchange or clearing house or regulated by any U.S. or foreign governmental authority. It may not be possible to dispose of or close out a forward, swap or derivative position without the consent of the counterparty, and the Funds may not be able to enter into an offsetting contract in order to cover its risk. Options:  The Funds may invest in, or write, options. The purchaser of a put or call option runs the risk of losing his entire investment in a relatively short period of time if an option expires unexercised. The uncovered writer of a call option is subject to a risk of loss should the price of the underlying security increase, and the uncovered writer of a put option is subject to a risk of loss should the price of the underlying security decrease. Swaps and Derivatives:  The Funds may invest and trade in swaps, contracts for differences (CFD's), "synthetic" or derivative instruments, certain types of options and other customized financial instruments. Swaps and other derivatives are subject to the risk of non-performance by the swap counterparty, are not guaranteed by an exchange or clearing house or regulated by any U.S. or foreign governmental authority. It may not be possible to dispose of or close out a swap or other derivative position without the consent of the counterparty, and the Funds may not be able to enter into an offsetting contract in order to be able to cover its risk. Illiquid Assets:  The Funds may invest in instruments for which the markets are limited and illiquid. Consequently, it may be relatively difficult for the Funds to dispose of investments rapidly at favorable prices.

Emerging Markets Securities.  Investing in securities of issuers based in emerging markets involves risks and the Funds will be exposed to the consequences of potential political, economic, social and diplomatic changes in such markets. Limited Liquidity:  There is not expected to be any secondary market for Shares of the Funds. The Directors of the Funds have the power to suspend redemptions or to compulsorily redeem Shares at the Directors' discretion in certain circumstances. Absence of Regulatory Oversight:  the Funds are not registered under the U.S. Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "Investment Company Act"), or any other similar law of any other country or jurisdiction (other than registration with the local regulator of the respective Funds' domicile). Accordingly, certain provisions of the Investment Company Act will not be applicable. Performance Fee:  the payment to the Investment Manager of a fee based upon the performance of the Funds may create an incentive for the Investment Manager to cause the Funds to make investments that are riskier or more speculative than would be the case in the absence of such a fee. Prime Broker Risks:  the Funds will rank as one of the unsecured creditors of the prime broker and, in the event of the insolvency of the prime broker, the Funds may not be able to recover such equivalent assets in full. The Funds will be subject to the risk of the inability of the prime broker to perform with respect to transactions, whether due to insolvency, bankruptcy or other causes. Systemic Risk: Credit risk may also arise through a default by one or several large institutions that are dependent on one another to meet their liquidity or operational needs, so that a default by one institution causes a series of defaults by the other institutions. Lack of Diversification:  concentration of the Funds' assets may tend to result in more rapid changes in the Net Asset Value than would be the case if the Funds were required to maintain a wider diversification among industry sectors, securities and type of securities and other instruments, and may result in the Funds' returns being volatile. Conflicts of Interest:  The Investment Manager may, from time to time, face conflicts of interest relating to its dealings with the Funds. Valuation of Fund Assets:  The Funds' securities will be valued by reference to their market price, but when no market exists for an investment or the market price does not fairly represent the value of the investment, the Directors will value such investment as they reasonably determine. The Funds are not required to have such valuations independently determined.

The foregoing summary list of risk factors does not purport to be a complete enumeration or explanation of the risks involved in an investment. Prospective investors must read the entire Offering Memorandum of the relevant Fund and should consult with their own legal, tax and financial advisers before deciding to invest.