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Statement of Compliance with the UK Stewardship Code 2020

Stoneware Capital LLP recognises the responsibilities that come with significant share ownership. We treat votes, and the influence these give us on behalf of our clients, as valuable assets and act accordingly in exercising them. The size of our clients' shareholding and the materiality of any issue will determine the level of engagement we undertake.

The Principles of the Code are highlighted via the link below. The Firm supports the Principles and makes every effort to abide by them, however the Firm is not a signatory to the Code.

As a firm with a relatively small size of assets under management, we are inevitably unable to exert significant influence on the management of our investee companies in the same way that a much larger investor can, however we make every effort to participate and vote on issues which could materially affect the value of one of our investments, especially during corporate actions.

We are also much more active in engaging successfully with the management of smaller private companies.

Further information is available on request.


    Stoneware - Statement of Compliance with the UK Stewardship Code - June 2021.pdf Download   Statement of Compliance with the UK Stewardship Code - June 2021

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